Keeping your domain WHOIS information up-to-date and why

The WHOIS contact information is used for various purposes such as billing, technical issues, administrative issues, ownership, etc. This information represents the legal entity bound by the terms of the service agreement.

By keeping your contact information up-to-date you are ensuring that you will receive all relevant correspondence, and also offers rapid resolution to various problems that might arise. Additionally, the domain authority (ICANN) requires that the WHOIS information be valid at all times. Domains name registrations that fail to meet this requirement are at a risk of being suspended.

Annual WHOIS update notices can be expected, ensuring that your contact information is correct.

To manage your domain name whois information:

  1. Login to your domain registrar control center
  2. Select to edit your domain related contact information
  3. Choose to save this detail and the change will be affected
Where is the domain control center for domains registered through Mission: Communicate?
Option a: single domain registered with hosting account will be managed from this location.
Option b: multiple and addon domain names along with any domains registered without a hosting plan are directly within your member account here.

If you domain is not registered through Mission: Communicate you will need to manage your whois contact information directly through the registrar you are in agreement with. To transfer your domain name to Mission: Communicate and have access to our domain management you can initiate the transfer process here.
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